Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team is a group of staff members who are trained to respond quickly when a patient shows signs of getting much sicker. The purpose of the Rapid Response Team is to provide help before a medical emergency, such as a heart attack, takes place.

The Rapid Response Team takes action very quickly to ensure that a patient is safe. The team may suggest laboratory tests, x-rays, medications or even mov­ing a patient to an intensive care unit.

When to Call the Rapid Response Team:

The Rapid Response Team may be called when there is concern that a patient is getting much sicker or if there is a concern about what is going on with a patient. Some examples of warning signs that a patient may be getting sicker are:

  • Changes in the heart or respiratory (breathing) rate
  • A drop in blood pressure (it gets much lower)
  • Changes in urinary output (much more or much less urine)
  • Confusion or other mental status (thinking) changes
  • When something just does not look or seem right with a patient

How to Call the Rapid Response Team:

  • Ask a nurse to call the Rapid Response Team when there are warning signs that a patient is getting much sicker; or
  • Call ext. 7000 and ask for the Rapid Response Team (If using an outside phone, call 505-863-7000.)