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Residents and Graduates of RMCHCS' Wellspring Recovery Center produce pottery and ceramic art while working in a vocational back-to-work program.

Our Products are available

at wholesale outlets
at regional art shows and local events
in Southwest Indian Foundation's national catalog

We take custom orders including:

employee recognition
special event gifts

12-step recovery tokens including:

milestone medallions
coffee mugs
and much more!

Hand in hand, recovery is possible and gives hope!

Working in clay has been a cultural tradition since the beginning of life. Its therapeutic essence provides a holistic method for problem solving, growing patients and rediscovering creativity.

A master potter works with clients who were spiritually wounded from addictions to draw out their innate creative skills. They works with mother earth in the studio to design, create, sculpt, sand, polish and paint each piece by hand.

Each piece is unique and carries with it unique stories and lifelines through the hands of the artists on their journey to sobriety.

Through this school of healing, clients learn valuable skills, restoring and rebuilding their lives while creating beautiful works of art.

Services we provider our artists include:

Entrepreneurial business training
Portfolio development
Customer service and marketing skills training
Experience with aesthetic presentation at outside sales venues
Easy access to outpatient care and support services
Case management and outpatient counseling check-ins
Flexible schedules for appointments, job searches, probation.

Selling Green ware, Ceramic Supplies, Firing and Mold-casting

When you buy from Healing Hands, you provide hope for productive futures.

By supporting Healing Hands you contribute to the health of artists in our community.

Visit us at 194 East Highway 66 in the heart of downtown Gallup, New Mexico

Business Hours
Monday, by appointment only
Tuesday - Thursday 10am to 5:30pm
Friday - Saturday 11am - 3pm

To place an order or for more information call (505)488-2051, or email (Curtis Cox) ccox@rmchcs.org and (Katie Schultz) kschultz@rmchcs.org

We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.